OCore Tasks
A simple, powerful, business-oriented task management application running in the cloud. It helps you realize more control, reduce stress and increase profits as you manage the flow of information into, out of and between all of the applications you use every day.

The "Just Right" Project Management Tool
More powerful than a to-do list. Easier to use than a project manager. OCore Tasks is your “just right” task manager. OCore Tasks hits the sweet spot between these extremes, and serves your real-world needs.

Get In-Depth Insights
OCore Tasks provides a place where all your projects and tasks can be coordinated simply. Overall progress is easy to see. Costs are easy to track, and bill. The basic patterns of work flow can be analyzed, giving the firm visibility and insight into costs, status, deadlines, and how to manage problem tasks.

Improve Workflow & Communications
You will get instant satisfaction and measurable improvement in your power to control work flow, capture costs, and communicate effectively with your extended team.

Get Started in Minutes.
Customize it to handle the most demanding tasks. No matter where you are, or what you are managing, OCore Tasks helps you keep it organized, spend less time, and make more money!

A True SaaS Product.
So it’s easy to get started and scale up, and you never have to install anything on your computer. Your information is kept in a secure, flexible, and accessible environment. No matter where you are, or what you are managing, Ocore Tasks helps you keep it organized, in less time so you can make more money!

Your information is kept in a secure, dynamic, device agnostic environment that can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any internet-driven device.

Hear our Customers

“OCore Tasks is an essential tool in our office.  It gives us a new level of control over our work flow...”
Dean Kayes
Law Office of Dean H. Kayes, P.C. 

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