OCore Tasks Basic


  • 3 Manager/Performer Users
    Viewers and Requesters are ALWAYS FREE

  • 1 GB Storage
    10 MB per File

  • 1,000 Open Tasks

  • Start Now


OCore Tasks Pro

$15 per User/Month*

  • You keep your 3-FREE Users, and
    Viewers and Requesters are ALWAYS FREE

  • 3 GB + 1 GB per User Storage**
    100 MB per File

  • Unlimited Tasks

  • Live Business-Hours Support

  • Start FREE


 *    That means $15 per User, per Month, charged monthly.
Easy to start, easy to scale.

Discounts start at 5 Power Users:
    $10 per User/Month starts at 5 Users
    $9 per User/Month starts at 100 Users

Enterprise Pricing available.  Contact Us.

Remember, Viewer and Requester Users are always FREE.
You only pay for Manager and Performer Users,
the people who actually need to "do things to tasks."
**     Storage limit is increased per-paid-user. 



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  • Secure integration with your
    most sensitive applications

  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics

  • Special Enterprise and NPO Pricing

  • Private Cloud Services

  • Comprehensive 24x7 Support Services

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