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30 Days, 5 Power Users

OCore Tasks is an easy-to-use cloud-based solution for secure task management. It gives users seamless access to all of their tasks on all their computers and mobile devices while simplifying their task management needs. And it gives IT the security, administration and controls a business requires.

Feature List

  • Unlimited Task Definitions
  • Easy Start, Easy Scale
  • Strong Support
  • Customer Driven Design
  • Measure Your Business
  • Control Expenses
  • Third-Party Application Integration
  • Mobile Access
  • True SaaS
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Secure Storage
  • Encrypted Communication
  • Vendor Task Sharing

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data secure?
OCore stores your data in the safest possible environment, in data centers certified to SAS70 Type II standards. All communications are encrypted using 256-bit SSL. Redundant backups are performed regularly. And site security and privacy are regularly audited by industry leading experts, Symantec and Trust-e.

Do I have complete control of my data?
OCore provides simple export of all your data, any time in standard, open formats. You can also transfer complete backups of your data. And should you ever decide to delete your account, your data is securely deleted, immediately.

Can I try it for FREE?
Yes. Sign up for a new account and get 5 power user seats free for 30 days. Seats for task requesters and viewers are always free.

Can I get training?
Definitely. Use our online tutorials, join one of our reqular webcasts, or sign up for individual training sessions. OCore services also include a full range of customization, private cloud management, and SaaS-done-right consulting.

Can I get technical support?
Use our online knowledge base, submit support tickets for one-day response, or call our support center from 8 AM to 7 PM Pacific Time. We respond to every help request with a goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

What is a "performer seat?"
You pay only for Performer Seats. Performers can manage and update tasks. Performer seats cost only $30 per seat per month. That price will never go up. Requester Seats are free. Requesters can create new tasks and view existing tasks, and receive alerts.