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Get the flood of information in your firm under control. Track costs, see status at a glance, escalate your attention before things get late. Our tools are built to the demanding specifications of real-world users in real-world offices.

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You own your information. We keep it secure, in the cloud. Access it from anywhere. Use only what you need. Pay only for what you use. Service Agreements and up-time coverage that put you in control. Never a question about who owns your information, who else can use it (nobody), or how easy it is to download or delete. We believe these agreements should be completely up-front and transparent. So we publish them all where you can read them now.
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Mobile Access

Use any modern browser to access your information, get alerts, and use the applications. Even basic text messaging can be used to access some basic features. We support our applications with all our skills. If you need training, or customization, or help building a whole Private Cloud at your firm, Organization Core is here to help. We live in the cloud, and love it. We want our customers to be happy here too.

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